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Visitor Center

Just Business networking is about building trusted relationships.

We encourage regular attendance at our meetings as well as connecting with other members outside of our regularly scheduled meetings. This is an effective way to get to know each other and their prospective businesses (a.k.a. – one-on-one meetings)

Visitors who attend a Just Business meeting typically contact a current member for further details about the group and our meeting structure. This will also allow the current member to understand what you do and the market you serve.

Once you have been approved by the board to attend, you will be contacted by that current member or a board member for the specific date that you want to attend. Visitors are encouraged to bring business cards and literature.

Benefits that Our Members Enjoy:

  • Opportunity to give and receive great referrals
  • Develop long-lasting relationships, both personally and professionally
  • Sharpen your speaking & communication skills
  • Learn to be more effective in talking about your business
  • Increase your exposure and knowledge to many other businesses

"Our aim is to provide our members with a community of not only their peers but a group that focuses on building positive professional relationships. Because we believe that together everyone learns more."