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Our Mission and Vision

After forming in January 2018, Just Business had one focus in mind: community.

Through our exclusive networking group, we hope to inspire all of our members while instilling a shared vision of being leaders in our community for positive change.

Centered around Business-to-Business Sales, our family of networking professionals typically has an extensive amount of experience in their industry and interact with the highest individuals in the business community.

Each week, Just Business members are provided with the unique opportunity to present best practices and introduce new concepts from their respective industries to one another.

Our Purpose
To support professionals and like-minded individuals with a place to gather and share ideas.

Our Mission
At Just Business, our mission is to provide a system of support for individuals in the Atlanta area so that they can come together to build professional and positive relationships. We pride ourselves on the relaxed and informative nature of our meetings where our members can hear from others in the business community.

Our Vision
We strive to shape the foundation of the Atlanta business community by providing opportunities for professional development by fostering valuable connections and facilitating member success through business and career growth.

Our Values
We believe that giving is the greatest return on investment that one can make. It enhances life's satisfaction and promotes social connection by building a sense of trust and cooperation that helps to strengthen our ties to one another. Not only is giving rewarding, but it's also contagious.

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"Our aim is to provide our members with a community of not only their peers but a group that focuses on building positive professional relationships. Because we believe that together everyone learns more."